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This Page is for pictures and comments that are sent to us by people who have bought a puppy from Young’s Shepherds.


Hey, this is Robb and Brittney. We bought a puppy from you in July 2015, she was born in may. I just wanted to say thank you. She has been the best addition to our family. She is so gentle, loves car rides, potty trained quickly, and is becoming very trained. We love her so much. We named her Raleigh. I attached some pics of her. Thanks again for the beautiful addition to our family. (2 pictures below) [Raleigh is from one of Macy’s liters]





Charlie– puppy #4 of litter one is doing fine. He now rides in a car very well. It was a concern for about a week since he rides a 2 hour commute to work with me every day.
He is a smart little guy. A little headstrong at times, but I was too at an age much older than him.
We are spoiling him rotten, but he doesn’t seem to mind. I know we are biased, but I think he is a beautiful young fella.
And he has adopted both of us for life.

Archie  [Charlie is from one of Cookie’s liters]




I was the first person to buy a pup from march 11 th litter. Jasmines spice is her name. She just finished star puppy class passing all 20 tests. Started canine good citizen program. And also in dogs for disability training. She’s quite busy. But we have lots of play time. Hope this finds you all well and happy. Thank you for the wonderful dog.

Cindy   [Jasmine Spice is from one of Cookie’s liters]


Jasmines Spice


Jasmines Spice


Jasmines Spice


I have a puppy from Young’s Shepherds. I believe she was born in March of 2014. I am unsure of her birth date. She is so beautiful that I get stopped on the streets when I walk her. She is one of Cookie”s litters. Not only is she beautiful but very smart and very sweet. At 10 months old she is still puppy and keeps me laughing. She is very healthy and very sound so far. I swear she looks like she is smiling with her eyes. She has brought such Joy and love to my life. I would recommend these dogs to anyone who wants a great quality and good all around dog.



The puppy was named Fizgig. He is doing very well, and is great on all  counts. Due to his fuzziness, and his dislike initially for being alone – he got his name from the movie, The Dark Crystal, circa 1982. We call him Fizzy for short. He’s 23 pounds now, potty trained (I’m the one that screws up here and there), sits, lays down, stays, comes when called, walks great on leash, high fives, rides in the car like a dream, greets people with a gentle kiss and a sit on command (blows them away), only gets up once at night now, fetches, barely nips anymore, and snores ever so cutely. He’s a total rockstar. His name is Fizgig.



I purchased the long haired male from litter number 2 from Yukon and Macy. Not only is he a stunning German shepherd but he has an amazing disposition. He is now 5 months old and just finished puppy classes. He is extremely intelligent. I have been socializing him since he was 3 months old and has never shown any aggression towards people or other dogs. His vet said he is in very good health and he will be quite a large boy when he grows to full size ( around 130 pounds). I could not thank Youngs shepherds enough for this amazing addition to my family. I will keep you updated as he grows.

Aimee H.


Another happy German Shepherd from Young’s Shepherds